Disney Resort Window

Disney Resort Window Decorating

Disney Resort Window Decorating is just another magical benefit I love about Staying on Disney Property.
I’ve gone to Disney World 3 times in the last 13 months and each time we have thoroughly enjoyed picking out stuff that we know we can decorate our window with…or even going through our Disney ornaments like we did at Christmas.

Disney Resort Window Decorating 

April 2016 my mom and I went to Disney World in-between our birthdays and celebrated together. We stayed at the All-Star Music Resort so we decided to decorate our resort window after seeing several awesome images of Disney Resort Windows on Pinterest.
This was our first try at decorating our Disney Resort Window:


We purchased a Cinderella Decor kit and also decorated our Resort Door…

Disney Resort Window

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At Christmas(2016) we stayed at the Pop Century Resort and decided to step it up a notch and bring our Disney Ornaments. We bought suction cups hangers at the Dollar Tree and brought my moms multi changing lights that you can set to clear or color.
This window was so much fun to decorate!!! Christmas at Disney really is the most magical time of year to go.

Here is our Christmas Resort door:

Disney Resort Window

Awesome fact about the Disney Resort doors is that they are metal…so we used Christmas magnets on our December 2016 door!

Last month(May 2017) we went to Disney World and stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort.

We actually went on my birthday this time so I could celebrate my turning 30 in true Disney fashion!!!

My mom also turned 50 the month before so we combined our celebration once again and this window looked amazing…. if I did decorate it myself!!!

Disney Resort Window
We purchased birthday decorations, hung streamers, sprinkled confetti, and gathered pictures of mom and me through the years showing Disney love…

Disney Resort Window

Disney Resort Window

even one with mom and Minnie back in 1977!!

We also found one of mom and me on my very first trip to Disney World! I look horrified riding Splash Mountain back in 1993….and I don’t think I’ve ridden it since!  😆 

Disney Resort Window

Decorating your Disney Resort Window is not mandatory by any means…

we do this mainly because we are Disney Dorks 😆 and there is something super fun about returning to your Disney Resort after a day of park hopping and seeing your window decorated to celebrate your Disney visit!!

Give it a try!…and share your pics with me on Twitter @vivacious_views

Enjoy Your Magical Adventure!!

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